Welcome to the website of Frankfurt Airport Shuttles, the official partner of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Since April 2011 we offer a direct and scheduled connection between Heidelberg - Frankfurt International Airport.




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Important information


Please note that due to extensive construction work, the charter bus lane will be permanently closed as per April 22, 2016. The bus stop will be moved to Terminal 1, The Squaire West, Level 3. The place can be easliy reached. Please, follow the directions to DB long distance trains and subsequently to "The Squaire ". A signposting "Lufthansa Express Bus" on your left-hand side leads you to the bus stop outside the building.







Online booking & reservation



Via the Frankfurt Airport Shuttles Booking Portal online tickets can be purchased at any time once seat availability has been checked. For transfers on the following day, please kindly book your online ticket until 21h00 on the day before travelling.
For online tickets we accept payment by credit card or direct debit.


Ticket reservations by phone or e-mail are possible as well. Please call our booking hotline +49 / (0)6152 / 976 90 99 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Reservations for the following day have to be made until 18h00 (Mon-Fri) / 13h00 (Sat) on the day before the desired departure.

Please kindly note, reservations either by phone or by email will only be processed within our service hours. The ticket reserved is to be paid in cash to the driver.

A ticket with early booking discount can only be booked online.


To guarantee a seat we recommend a reservation/online booking in time.




Our route



Route Heidelberg – Frankfurt Airport



New high end 22-seater vehicles will add unique comfort to travelling on the route Heidelberg-Frankfurt Airport very soon. Please klick here for pictures inter alia of the new, exclusive vehicle generation with first class leather seats.




Timetable Heidelberg – Frankfurt Airport


At this point you will find information about our timetable and regular fares.



Timetable Heidelberg - Frankfurt Airport




Regular Fares



Here is an overview of our regular fares for the route Heidelberg – Frankfurt Airport. In addition to these regular fares we offer early booking discounts. Learn more about our reduced price tickets and the conditions below.



Fares Heidelberg - Frankfurt Airport



Early booking discount(s)


Book early & Save

Early booking makes planning easier for us and is rewarded by attractive savings of up to 50 %. The discount applies to online bookings only and the number of reduced price tickets is limited. Make sure to get the highest possible discount by booking early. Based upon the one way fare of 25,- € there result the discounts shown in the following table:

Weeks before transfer    Discount in %     Fare


> - 8                                50 %                  12,50 €
8 – 6                               40 %                   15,00 €
6 – 4                               30 %                   17,50 €
4 – 2                               20 %                   20,00 €
2 – 1                               10 %                   22,50 €
under 1 week                 ----                      25,00 € (regular fare)

Early booking tickets can only be changed through our booking hotline.


If early booking tickets should be changed for a day, which is not the same as the original reservation date, a fee of 10,- € will be due. The fee has to be paid in cash to the driver. Changes to departure times of early booking tickets on the originally booked transfer date are complimentary. In case you plan to use a different/another Airport Shuttle on the same transfer date that you have originally booked without making changes by calling our booking hotline a re-booking fee will not be charged. However, there is no guarantee for seat availability (stand by travel).


Early booking discount - terms and conditions



Frankfurt Airport Shuttles bus stops




Frankfurt a.M. International Airport              Crowne Plaza Hotel Heidelberg
Terminal 1                                                    Kurfürstenanlage 1-3, Passage
THE SQUAIRE WEST                                     rear entrance; corner Bahnhofstr.
Level 3                                                         69115 Heidelberg


As from 22th April 2016 our bus stop at Frankfurt International Airport has moved to Terminal 1, "THE SQUAIRE WEST", Level 3.
When arriving at "THE SQUAIRE WEST", please follow the directions to Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. In order to get to Terminal 2 please kindly take the "Skyline" or the Terminal bus still leaving from the charterbus lane.
When landing at Terminal 1, please follow the directions to DB long distance trains and subsequently to "THE SQUAIRE". A signposting "Lufthansa Express Bus" om your left-hand side leads you to the bus stop outside the building.
When landing at Terminal 2 you will have to take the "Skyline" or the Terminal bus first to get to Terminal 1.





For frequent travellers and commuters we recommend two optional products, Zehner-Karte or Monats-Karte.


Zehner-Karte 160,- €


Within the validity of one year after date of purchase the Zehner-Karte can be used for ten transfers with our Airport Shuttle on both routes.


Zehner-Karte is available from the driver and is to be paid in cash.

Monats-Karte 310,- €

In the event of travelling frequently or being a commuter, you an use “Monats-Karte” for an unlimited number of transfers on both routes within the validity of one month after date of purchase. Please kindly contact our reservation staff to get information about purchasing Monats-Karte.




Reduction for children


Children under age 15 are granted a reduction of 50%.


On request safety seats for young children or babies will be made available at no cost. Reservation through our booking hotline is recommended as the number of safety seats is limited.



Important Information


Please kindly be at the Airport Shuttle bus stop at least 10 minutes before the designated departure; otherwise your seat may be given to another person.


One standard suitcase/bag (approx. 23 kg) and one piece of hand luggage (approx. 8 kg) are free of charge. In the event of travelling with extra luggage or bulk luggage, please inform our booking hotline in advance. For each additional piece of luggage, 5,- € will be charged. Different prices apply to bulk luggage; our booking hotline will inform you about any details.


Children under age 12 are only allowed to travel when accompanied by an adult.



Customer service / FAQ



In the event of not finding answers to a part of your questions please use the following link “FAQ” or call our booking hotline. Our helpful and competent staff will be pleased to assist you.


Please click here: FAQ



Contact & Service hours


Tel. : +49 / (0)6152 / 976 90 99

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Mon – Fri   08:00 h – 18:00 h
Sat            08:00 h – 13:00 h